Susan Gudmundson currently lives in Calgary, Alberta but spends most of her summers in Newfoundland.  Her paintings emphasize shape, colour and line with both semi representational and abstract approaches. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Master of Nursing, the University of Calgary visual design program and completed her Bachelor of Art History at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania.  Susan is a true Sagittarius looking for the next adventure and dreaming of her summer studio on the east coast of Newfoundland. 

Susan works both in acrylic and oil paint to capture the mood of interiors, still lifes and landscapes.

Her main concern is creating movement and life in her paintings through the use of shape, colour and dynamic brushstrokes. Looking for the light and contrast continue to inform her painting practice.

Susan was born in Winnipeg and grew up in Brandon, Manitoba. Art has always been present in Susan’s life.  From early watercolour drawings, designing and sewing clothing to explorations in pottery and now oil painting Susan has a deep curiosity and fascination with art and the art world.


  • Bachelor of Art History  Mansfield University  Pennsylvania 2010
  • Visual Design Certificate University of Calgary   2008
  • Master of Nursing University of Manitoba   1998

Workshops and Ongoing Lessons

  • 2002 – 2004Jack Rigeaux , East Slope Studio, Calgary, AB
  • 2004 – 2016Doug Swinton, Ingrid Christiansen, Erica Neumann, Robert Burridge, Brent Laycock, Fran Skiles, Brent Lynch, Susan Woolridge, Lori Lukasewich,
    Danielle Bartlette, Fiona Neal
  • 2017Ann Willsie, Studio Cerulean, Lake Country, BC  Ongoing art mentor and teacher


  • Two Artists One Show, Calgary Alix Crossley and Susan Henry Gudmundson 


  • Supporting member of Federation of Canadian Artists Central Okanagan